An IT job in the US comes with an H1B visa and income in dollars. But it soon loses its charm when it comes down to income tax filing.  As per estimates, H1B visa holders nearly pay 35% – 40% of their gross income as various taxes – federal, state, and local. (How much tax do H-1B holders pay? – Hence, to cut down your losses and maximize your savings, it is important to have a tax planner by your side that will help you be tax compliant and reduce the tax burden.

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Who Is A Tax Planner?


While filing your income tax returns (ITR), you can choose between a tax preparer and a tax planner (advisor). A tax preparer will help you with your immediate income tax filing. While a tax planner can help you with your taxes in the long run.

Job of a tax planner:

Everyone has financial aspirations they strive to achieve for themselves and their family. Some want to buy a house, save for retirement, children’s education, or build assets to enjoy during their sunset years. An efficient tax planner understands these goals, analyses their feasibility, and draws out a financial plan to achieve them. They ensure that you fulfill your ambitions without defaulting on your tax payments with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They help reduce your tax liability, maximize your tax  credits and build wealth accordingly. If you hire a good tax planner you can build assets that you and your family can enjoy.


A tax planner is an expert in their field and knows taxation laws.  They are aware about the latest tax laws and procedures.  They are also Certified Public Accountants (CPA) in general tax planning or is a specialist in a specific area of tax laws. They are not subject to any state or federal regulations.

Services A Tax Planner Offer

Apart from income tax filing, a tax planner offers you the following services:

  • They provide financial advice to reduce your tax burden in the years ahead.
  • They advise on how to maximize your income with appropriate tax savings.
  • They give advice on financial issues like buying a home, retirement savings, etc., which will help you save taxes.
  • They help when you get in trouble with the IRS over a tax issue.

Six Steps To Choose A Tax Planner For Income Tax Filing


By now, you have an idea of your financial goals. Now its time for you to choose a tax planner who helps you achieve all this without breaking a sweat.  Here is a fool-proof 7 step plan to choosing a tax planner:

1) References: Choosing the right tax planner is essential to have a smooth income tax filing experience. It also makes your life hassle-free all year-round instead of just January-April. The easiest way to find the right tax planner is to ask friends and relatives. You can ask your H1B visa-holder colleagues to give you some references. 

2) Check credentials: Once you have found a planner you think is right for you, ask them for some references and credentials.  

3) Experience & expertise: Relevant experience matters when you are caught on the wrong side of the taxation laws. Look for a planner whose resume has the number of years they spent in the field managing the IRS. Find someone whose specialty is handling niche clients. For instance, AOTAX has spent 15 years helping over 2 lac Indian H1B visa holders plan and file their income taxes. They are a team of tax planners and advisors who have helped their clients maximize their tax savings.

4) Multi-tasker: Look for someone who can not only be your trusted financial advisor but also a tax preparer. They will help you create wealth as well as file your ITR on time.

5) Check for complaints: This step is important and saves you a lot of time. Check with the Better Business Bureau if there are any complaints of fraud against the advisor if they are also a tax preparer.  You can even check with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICP) if the tax planner/advisor is being investigated for any complaints.  

6) Fees: Be clear about the fees you will pay them for their services. Most planners charge a percentage of your asset in question.  

7) Ethics: Being ethical is important when you pay your taxes. If a tax planner suggests dubious ways to save tax then that isn’t right. If they suggest to over or under-report your income, claims dependents when you are not eligible, that is a red flag.

With these steps, it is possible for you to easily hire the best tax planner and pay your dues. Plus you can also make the most from your current income.  

If you are an H1B visa-holder from India looking to file your income tax returns in the US while saving some extra dollars, do get in touch with us on Our team of expert tax planners can easily meet your financial goals. Recommended: What Makes AOTAX the Most Preferred Tax Assistant in 2022