The top 5 Life Events that can change your Tax Schedule.

The most important phases of our lives have a great impact on our finances which can be more than we expected at times. You are purchasing a new house or you are becoming a parent, these life events are going to have an impact on your finances definitely.

So, let us have a look at those major life events which can have an impact on your Tax Schedule.


When it is about your marriage and your taxes, it is necessary to ensure that the name with which you are filing your tax return must be the same as that of the name in your Social Security Card. In case your address has been changed then it can be changed at the time of your tax return filing. You would also have to make a choice of either married and filing returns jointly or married and filing returns separately.

Becoming parents

If you are becoming parents, then it is also going to have a great impact on your finances. This may be the case if you are having your own child or if you are adopting a kid. If you are going to have a new member in your family then the first and foremost important thing which must be kept in mind is the Social Security Number of the new child. By this, you would be able to claim your child on your income tax return in the next year. This would include your ability of taking the advantage of the federal child tax credit and the deductions that can be availed under the qualified child care expenditure. If you are adopting a kid, you would receive additional credits which would also include adoption charges, court fees, and all other necessary expenses related to transportation.

Purchase of a new house

If you have not started the itemizing of your tax returns, this is the ideal time to do so. There are a large number of new deductions available which would include private mortgage insurance, taxes related to real estate, and qualified home mortgage insurance. You can obtain a large number of benefits from Residential Energy Credits. In case, you have purchased a new water heater but it was expensive but you can use it in the form of savings in the future.

Demise of spouse

This is quite an unfortunate situation and you may not like to discuss it much. But, this situation would arise and you must be well-prepared for such a situation. Firstly, you must be qualifying as a widow or a widower and you should claim this status within a period of two years from the death of your spouse. The qualifying widows or widowers can avail themselves the same standard deduction as that of those Americans who are married and are filing their tax returns jointly.

Change in job

It is quite a well-known fact that a large amount is withdrawn from the paychecks of the taxpayers every year. Due to this, many American taxpayers get a huge amount of tax refund after filing their tax returns. If you obtain a good amount of tax refund it would appear quite attractive, but you would most prefer to have that amount with yourself throughout the year rather than waiting to obtain the refund at the year-end. So, if you have had a change in the job very recently then this is the best moment when you can make adjustments to your Form W-4 and have complete control of the tax scenario for filing your tax returns the next time. You should keep in mind that if you have a higher withholding it would increase your refund but your paycheck amount would be less. But, if withholding is less; you would be able to access your funds whenever the need arises.


So, you must always keep the tax implications in your mind if you have made any changes or are planning for making any changes in the near future. You must keep in mind the planned as well as the unexpected events of your life to plan your taxes accordingly and avail yourself of the benefits too.