Top 7 tips for Self Employed NRIs in the US

The person sitting next to you on your flight could be running a small-scale successful business. Working parents now choose to work from home more often than not. The changes in the landscape of career options have been vast over the past few years. Thus, it is no secret that more and more people are [...]

3 tax tips for second homeowners for NRIs in the US

Buying a second home is a big decision and requires a lot of efforts on your end. It could well be that you already have a home and are planning for a holiday home or a weekend getaway or just for investment.However, amidst all this, do not forget that it comes along with a lot [...]

How AOTAX helps you get the best Tax Refunds in 2019?

Hoping to pay minimal taxes is no crime. Afterall, why should you pay more taxes than you owe to Uncle Sam? If due to some reasons you have overpaid your taxes, tax refunds will help you get the amount back. There are several ways by which you can boost your tax refunds. And at AOTax, [...]