Sec. 529 plan is tax-free accumulation, so the sooner the account is established and funded, the better. A special provision of Sec. 529 allows those who are concerned with the annual gift tax limitations, currently $15,000, to contribute five years’ worth of contributions ($75,000) up front. These limitations apply to each contributor, but if there are multiple contributors, such as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, huge amounts can be contributed up front and provide the greatest long-term growth. While it is no secret that resident Indians have to pay taxes for a fiscal year. However,  all NRI  investors must also pay taxes for a fiscal year if applicable. Irrespective of whether they earned the money directly or indirectly, if they are liable, they must pay taxes on the same. As long as the income is generated in India. Any income that is generated as a part of their investments or assets or business interests, is liable to taxes. The presence of tax laws means that there are different avenues to save money from tax liabilities as well. If you are an NRI and are looking for tax-related tips, here are some that you might find to be quite useful.