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  • Tax Planning/Advisory Services
  • Tax Return Services
  • Tax Consultant & Tax Advisory
  • ITIN Processing
  • FBAR & FATCA Processing
  • Extension Filing
  • Tax Preparation Services

Tax Services

Tax Planning/Advisory Services

There is nothing more important than proper tax planning. It is absolutely vital and must happen before the Tax year ends! Proper tax planning also often leads to proper retirement planning along with savings in the form of retirement contributions. The team of “AO Tax” provides more than tax planning services; we provide tax reduction and tax planning strategies that complement our tax maintenance and other preparation services.

With decades of experience, our main aim is save clients tax dollars and to generate wealth through comprehensive financial coaching and tax planning. We offer both individual tax planning and business tax planning services that will take the stress out and the confusion of retirement planning.  We are specialize in handling complicated tax situations for a wide range of businesses including LLC’s, S-Corporations and as well as for non-profits Corporations. When tax season is upon us, you will receive MORE refunds and paying LESS tax with our proper planning.

At AO Tax, we make sure you are able to save time, avoid penalties, maximize your returns and interest on both federal and state taxes; as well as help you to inform you about several other important deadlines. Our goal is to put more money in your pocket. If you are not currently a client, send copies of your prior year tax returns by scanning and e-mailing us at We will review and respond to you FREE OF ANY CHARGES! We always believe in offering value added services to our clients.  Let us take a look today!

Tax Services

Tax Return Services

Preparing Personal Tax Returns can be a worrying commitment. AOTax can relieve you of this burden by preparing your Personal Tax Returns for you. Our comprehensive Personal Tax Return Service is a natural complement to our Corporation Tax Return Service. With a team of highly qualified and experienced Tax Accountants, we do everything to minimise your tax while making the overall taxation process efficient, easy and cost effective as possible.

Our Personal Tax Return Services include:

  • Preparation of tax computations
  • Preparation of self-assessment tax return
  • Submission of personal tax return,
  • Advance notification of personal tax payments
  • Related correspondence with the Inland Revenue


When you choose AO Tax to prepare your individual tax returns, you are partnering with qualified professionals. We are Registered Tax Agents and all our members have substantial hands-on experience, and we all take great pride in helping our Clients achieve their goals.

Key areas we focus on include:

  • Maximising Work Related Deductions.
  • Rental properties.
  • Superannuation contributions.
  • Fast lodgement with maximum refunds GUARANTEED*
  • Maximising Rebates and Tax Offsets.
  • Capital gains.
  • Foreign assets and income.


Personal Tax Return Service is a key component of the accounting and finance services provided by AO Tax. Please contact us for more details about Individual Tax Return Services. We are always there to assist you!!

Tax Services

Tax Consultant & Tax Advisory

AO Tax is a leading professional Tax Consulting firm specializing in the delivery of world class. With a team of highly experienced & skilled tax consultants, we promise to guide you for all your taxation needs  with in-depth knowledge of Indian and international tax laws.


Over past many years, we are assisting a variety of industries in different aspects of Tax Advisory, Company Audits, Company Law matters, Corporate Taxation and other matters.


Ourselves as accredited Tax Consultant Service Organization established with a vision to cater the growing needs of business, individuals and other trade establishments in and abroad. We have the required manpower and infrastructure to meet the growing demands of business and industrial establishments. The main features of our company is to be accessible all times round the clock to meet the demands of customers requirements through a team of high caliber business assessment experts and development executives.


In pursuance of our strategy our main aim is to meet the needs of our customer and fulfill all their expectations while offering them with high quality of services at the least cost. AO Tax combines humanity and technology to drive excellence in development, research, services, sale and marketing of products, and solutions to enhance welfare of all humankind.

Tax Services

ITIN Processing

We are approved Certifying Acceptance Agents and specialise in obtaining US Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) for all the qualifying applicants along with the other surrounding areas at a very competitive charge. As ITIN specialists, we help our resident and non-resident aliens, as well as other foreign taxpayers to apply for an ITIN Processing from the Internal Revenue Service.

We take the time to fully understand your situation so that we can file your Form W-7 application as per the rules and procedures. Beside this, we are also experts in reducing any likelihood of your ITIN application being delayed or rejected by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Using our services, you can avoid the burden of you having to be without your original identity documents and thus remove the potential risk of your document.

Being a (Certifying) Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA), we can certify an applicant’s identification documents as part of the ITIN application process and ITIN Preparation.  Beside this, We will sign your completed Form W-7 and provide you with a Certificate of Accuracy that will further gets attached to your tax return and submitted to the IRS.

Avoid the hassle and headache of trying to get an IRS ITIN number with our services. Use our tax ID number application service to apply for an individual taxpayer identification number now!

Tax Services

FBAR & FATCA Processing

The Foreign Bank Account Report, or FBAR, is a filing requirement for Americans must fill out if they have more than $10,000 in bank accounts outside of the United States at any time during the year.Although it has existed since 1970, but its enforcement has intensified over recent years as these days the US has increased its focus towards retrieving taxes from US citizens’ money and their investments in abroad.

The FBAR (form 114) FinCEN Form 114 must be filed online while keeping the following information relating to the declared accounts for six years following filing:

  • The account numbers.
  • The name on each account.
  • The types of account.
  • The name and address of the foreign institution(/s) where the accounts are held.
  • The maximum value of each account during the relevant tax year.

If you haven’t filed because you didn’t know that you had to, then come at AO Tax as here we have a team of experts in all matters relating to FBAR filing and the Streamlined Procedure. With clients in over 150 countries, AO Tax is a leading tax services provider. If you have any questions regarding your tax situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch for some advice. We are ready to listen

Tax Services

Extension Filing

You are not ready with tax filing by due date? Then first you need to file an extension with the IRS to avoid any (late payment) [We cannot avoid late payment penalties by filing an extension] or late-filing penalties. Tax Extension Filing with experts like AO Tax will allow you to push your deadline (back) forward six months. We are experts in filing tax extensions for Federal and States both for personal and business tax returns.


If you fail to file either a tax extension or tax return by the appropriate filing deadline, don’t worry!! Being a professional tax preparer, we help you to figure out your tax situation and advise you on IRS installment arrangements. Beside this, we also assits in  Estimate Tax Return so that you can get more out of your money.


A tax filing extension can also be useful for those who do not have necessary documentation available to complete their tax return. If you feel you may need this extension, let AO tax help you get it. In case if you are expecting my tax refund, you do not have to file for an extension. With our experts, you have three more years from the tax deadline to submit your tax return and claim money.

Tax Services

Tax Preparation Services

FILE Your Tax Returns at the Lowest Prices*

  • Standard Filing – Straight & Lowest
  • Fees Federal : $29.99 / State – $39.99 EACH* For ETP Customers
  • Fees Federal : $39.99 / State – $39.99 EACH* For NON-ETP Customers, Extra Charges Only If Any Additional Schedules.
  • Planning Charges may apply for Itemized Deductions which is less than $99.99

AO Tax is Less Expensive than Online Tax Portals or your Local Tax Preparer!!!